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The primary difference betwee passive and active RFID tags is that active tags are powered by a battery and automatically broadcast their signal, whereas passive tags do not have a power source and only transmit a signal upon receiving RF energy emmited from a reader in proximity of the tag.

  Passive Active
Read Range Up to 40 feet (fixed readers)
Up to 20 feet (handheld readers)
Up to 300 feet or more
Power No power source Battery powered
Tag Life Up to 10 years depending upon the environment the tag is in 3-8 years depending upon the tag broadcast rate
Tag Costs $.10-4.00 or more depending upon quantity, durability, and form-factor $10-50 depending upon quantity, options (motion sensor, tamper detection, temperature sensor), and form-factor
Ideal Use For inventorying assets using handheld RFID readers (daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, annually). Can also be used with fixed RFID readers to track the movement of assets as long as security is not a requirement. For use with fixed RFID readers to perform real-time asset monitoring at choke-points or within zones. Typically necessary when security is a requirement.
Readers Typically higher cost Typically lower cost

When trying to determine whether active or passive RFID tags are better suited for your needs, there are a number of factors that should be considered.  Please consult an experienced vendor for assistance in evaluating the best option for your needs.

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