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Over the last 6 months almost every leading passive RFID tag vendor has released new thinner metal-mount RFID tags. Metalcraft, Omni-ID, Confidex, XERAFY, and most other leading tag vendors all have flexible metal-mount tags that are .05" or less thick. Although all of them seem ideal for tracking laptops because they are metal-mount and very thin, their performance varies widely.

It may seem tempting to pick the one that will look best on your laptops, but choose wisely. Don't make your selection based on the read ranges documented by the vendor, because these were likely obtained on a solid metal object in an ideal lab environment. A lot of laptop cases are plastic or "metalic" at best, so the performance will not be the same as placing the tags on solid metal. We saw read range variances of more than 10 feet between the different tags we tested. It is also important to note that some tags may work better on different laptops, so it is important to test with the make(s)/model(s) of laptops you are using. Also test on a variety of locations on the laptop as the performance can vary significantly from one spot to another. Although most organizations would prefer to place the tag on the bottom of the laptop, this will typically significantly reduce the range of the tag. Generally placing tags somewhere on the lid will provide the best performance. Unfortunately there isn't a clear-cut best tag for laptops. It really depends on the make/model and where you want to place the tag.

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